Sr. Francis

Sister Francis Salesia Geiger, RT, FASRT

(11/23/1897 - 09/27/1968)

Sister Francis Salesia, Anne Geiger, was born on November 23, 1897, in Koln-Enrenfeld, West Germany. Sister entered the Novitiate of Our Congregation on April 26, 1919.

Sister Salesia dedicated her religious life to God in many exemplary ways. She came to the United States from Germany in 1921, became a Registered Nurse and served in this capacity for many years. Sister also became a Registered X-Ray Technologist and ministered in this capacity in several hospitals.

Sister was a member of, and active in, many organization of X-Ray Technologists. She received the honor of FASRT Fellow in the American Society of Radiologic Technologists, for her dedication and contributions to her profession.

Sister Salesia came to Lincoln from Grand Island in May 1954 and became Director of the Saint Elizabeth Hospital School of Radiology Technology. She remained in that position until 1965, when she stepped down, but remained on as Physics Instructor until her retirement from teaching in 1968.

Sister semi-retired to Mount St. Francis in Colorado Springs, at which time she served as Spiritual Assistant in the Secular Franciscans. In 1984, she retired to St. Clare Convent and in September 1988, Sister Salesia passed to her eternal home.

She will be remembered for her dedication and commitment to the Secular Franciscans as well as for her dedication to her profession and her students.

Sister Francis Salesia Lecturer

Sr. Francis Salesia played an instrumental part in the original foundation of the Nebraska Society. Her compassion and dedication to the profession, her students and her patients was inspirational. In 1989, Joe Barry (a former student of Sr. Francis) and the Kodak Company implemented an award in her honor. This award has been awarded every year since. Although the Kodak Company no longer sponsors the award, the NSRT feels that it is essential to recognize dedicated leaders in our society. Recipients of this award are selected by the NSRT Board of Directors. These recipients must demonstrate a passion for the Radiation Science profession, the education of future radiation science professionals and for the future of the profession as a whole.

Following is a list of those individuals recognized with this award

1989  Joe Barry
1990  Al Robinson
1991  Cheryl Sanders
1992  Sandy Cronk
1993  Deb Pierce-Cramer
1994  Kelly Thomalla
1995  Linda Black-Coster
1996  Dan Gilbert
1997  Jim Temme
1998  Gale Peterson
1999  Liana Watson
2000  Chris McClymont-Hatton
2001  Jean Korth
2002  Connie Mitchell
2003  Connie Lyon
2004  Peg Anderson-Young
2005  Larry Champoux
2006  Pat Halley
2007  Bev Niewohner Harvey
2008  Glen Eich
2009  Randy Prouty
2010  Luann Baylor
2011  Lori Dobish
2012  Kris Bryan
2013  Brandon Holt
2014  Rob Hughes
2015  Tanya Custer
2016  Karen Prouty
2017  Angela Cyza
2018  Ellen Collins
2019  Cristi Engel

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Technologist of the Year

In 1995, Mary Beth Holtmeier and the Bracco Diagnostics, Corporation approached the NSRT Board of Directors about implementing a Technologist of the Year Award. The first award was presented in 1996. The purpose of this award is recognition, appreciation and visibility of an outstanding technologist in the state of Nebraska. These technologists may be nominated by any NSRT Member. Their application is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. Bracco Diagnostics presents the individual with a plaque at the Annual Conference Awards Ceremony.

1996   Peggy Young
1997   Dan Gilbert
2000   Bev Niewohner
2002   Connie Lyon
2003   Randy Prouty
2004   Connie Mitchell
2005   LuAnn Baylor
2007   Jean Korth
2010   Ronnie Koch
2011   Carol Sheets
2012   David Griffith
2013   Tammy Jones
2015   Angela Cyza
2017   Rob Hughes

Sponsor of the Year

Commercial and individual sponsorships play a huge part in the society. It is through their donations and generosity that the society is able to provide funding, speakers, technical support and a variety of other contributions for our meetings. Over the years we have come to rely on them for their support to aid us in providing symposiums and conferences. Many times, these people go unrecognized for their contributions. In 1996 the NSRT decided to recognize a sponsor/commercial representative more formally at the Awards Ceremony with a plaque and much gratitude.

1997   Bracco Diagnostics - Mary Beth Holtmeier
1998   Fujifilm USA - Rex Profit
1999   NT&H - The Hendersons
2000   Cassling Diagnostic Imaging
2001   Brown's Medical Imaging - Rob Brown
2002   Philips Health Care Products - Leona Aden
2004   Mary Beth Holtmeier (Bracco Diagnostics)
2007   Nebr DHHS Every Woman Matters - Victoria Schwab
2009   Young Computer & Business Services - Don & Peggy Young
2010   Lyon Consulting & Services, Inc. - Connie & Warren Lyon
2016   Brown's Medical Imaging - Rob & Chad Brown
2017   Nebr DHHS Womens' & Men's Programs

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